What's New

Users can now join "Group Collections" without having to register as a member, and can create a photo book with other users.

Invited friends do not have to register as a user or download an app! They can immediately join a group collection and view/add photos.


By creating a photo book together with other users, there is no need to share/exchange photos later.
To try the new and improved group collection feature, please press the "Create Group Collections" button found at the top screen of the app.


・A user must register as a member in order to create a group collection.
・Users who do not register can access a group collection for up to 10 days using a web browser.




Group Collections can be enjoyed on the following PlayMemories Online apps:

・PlayMemories Online Android app (Version 5.0.0 or later)

・PlayMemories Online iOS app (Version 5.0.0 or later)

・PlayMemories Online Web page


For details on Group Collections, please see here.