What's New

“Group Collections” in PlayMemories Online is a feature that allows users to share photos exclusively in a members-only group.

After creating a collection to share within a group, everybody in the group can easily share photos with each other by having photos uploaded to the group collection automatically.
With this feature, there is no need to worry about forgetting to share photos. There is also no need to remind a member to share a photo.

Leave memories of events such as home parties and trips with friends and family in your life as an exclusive members-only photo book.



“Group collections” is now available in the latest PlayMemories Online iOS app, allowing iOS users to also enjoy using group collections.

iOS users who previously used a web browser to enjoy group collections can now conveniently use the app on their smartphone.
* When joining a group collection as a guest, you must use a web browser when opening the corresponding URL for the first time.


Group Collections can be enjoyed on the following PlayMemories Online apps:

・PlayMemories Online Android app (Version 5.0.0 or later)

・PlayMemories Online iOS app (Version 5.0.0 or later)

・PlayMemories Online Web page

  * For computers, you can use the function on the PlayMemories Online web page.


For details on Group Collections, please see here.